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7 July 2024 / Metal
22 June 2024 / Metal
29 February 2024 / Reviews

London alt-metal unit, Night Thieves, released their debut EP in 2020 and followed it a year later with their sophomore effort, Spiral. The latter saw them work with Paul Visser…

30 January 2024 / Metal
14 November 2023 / Metal
11 November 2023 / Metal
11 September 2023 / Metal

Tragedy struck Polaris in June this year during their European festival tour when guitar prodigy, Ryan Siew, passed away in mysterious circumstances that have still not been confirmed. As the…

8 August 2023 / Metal

You don’t find many grunge revival artists that evolve into a metal band. The pejorative term for the former is post-grunge. Some people in America lampoon it as “butt rock”,…

19 June 2023 / Metal

Vexed released one of the best debut albums of recent years in 2021. Culling Culture carved out its own niche in the borderlands of deathcore and progressive metal and received…