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9 December 2023 / Metal

Laang’s vocalist and guitarist, Haitao Yang, has an incredible story to tell. He survived a bullet to the head during a carjacking and remembers a hallucinatory nightmare world beyond death…

28 November 2023 / Metal

Bury, Lancashire is the home of the black pudding and the birthplace of Victorian Prime Minister, Sir Robert Peel. It’s also the homebase of Greater Manchester death metal favourites, Foetal…

26 November 2023 / Metal

Many onlookers will know Sadus as the band of Steve DiGiorgio, who has played in some of the greatest metal acts of all time, including Death, Obituary and Testament. He…

26 November 2023 / Metal
14 November 2023 / Metal
11 November 2023 / Metal
8 November 2023 / Metal
5 November 2023 / Metal
2 November 2023 / Metal

Ohio thrashers, War Curse, feared their 2019 effort, Eradication, could be their last album once the world went into lockdown. We now know that this was an overreaction, but nobody…

6 October 2023 / Metal