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7 September 2021 / Metal

German metal quintet, Venues, started as a post-hardcore band and released their debut LP in 2019 before charismatic singer Nyves departed along with one of the guitarists. Losing the lead…

11 August 2021 / Metal
27 July 2021 / Metal

Iceland produced a masterpiece of progressive metal last year with Cult of Lilith treating us to a debut album of genre-bending complexity and ambition. Now it’s the turn of Ophidian…

30 June 2021 / Metal
8 June 2021 / Reviews
25 May 2021 / Metal
18 March 2021 / Metal

Spanish quartet, Bonecarver, spearheaded Madrid’s brutal death metal (BDM) scene under their former name of Cannibal Grandpa before Unique Leader Records came calling with the offer of a record deal…

16 March 2021 / Metal
10 February 2021 / Metal
1 December 2020 / Metal

Convulse were one of the first bands to come out of the Finnish death metal scene in the early 90s but were always one of the most unusual. Their bizarre…