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26 July 2022 / Metal
26 October 2021 / Metal

Vancouver death metal quartet, Atræ Bilis, might have an unpronounceable name, but it’s one that piqued the interest of the underground last year when they released their debut EP on…

12 April 2021 / Metal

Manchester metal fiends, Wode, might be the most anticipated outfit of 2021. Now signed to 20 Buck Spin and on their third album, the levels of expectation are as deafening…

17 March 2021 / Metal
2 September 2020 / Metal
2 July 2020 / Metal

Californian trio, Ulthar, are back with their follow up to 2018’s Cosmovore and they’re in no mood to waste the opportunity. If you like your death metal splattered with Norwegian…

4 June 2020 / Metal