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29 June 2021 / Metal
28 June 2021 / Metal
27 June 2021 / Features
25 June 2021 / Metal
23 June 2021 / Metal

Anyone who heard the debut EP release of Interloper’s A Revenant Legacy earlier this year will know that the Los Angeles trio carry the hopes for the next wave of…

23 June 2021 / Metal

Dutch five-piece, Distant, might be one of the most prolific bands in modern metal. Since signing to Unique Leader Records for 2019’s Tyrannotophia, they’ve release two further EPs and now…

22 June 2021 / Dark

American darkwave giants, Lycia, belong in the category of non-metal bands that assert a major influence on the darker and more experimental side of heavy music. Everyone from My Dying…

22 June 2021 / Metal
22 June 2021 / Metal

We asked Marc Dyos, our favourite drummer from Phobetor and Pythia, to check out the metal scene in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This small country in the Arabian Gulf is…