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20 May 2022 / Dear Diary
20 May 2022 / Metal
18 May 2022 / Reviews

English trio, Puppy, are the type of heavy noise experiment NME and The Guardian cover as a sop to their small number of readers with a passing interest in metal.…

18 May 2022 / Dark
18 May 2022 / Metal

New York’s Skullshitter are as uncompromising and hostile as their name suggests. They also have a sense of humour and a mission to inject doses of psychedelia and Satan worship…

17 May 2022 / Dear Diary
17 May 2022 / Hardcore

You can rely on Klonosphere Records to scout the best metal and hardcore talent in Francophone Europe with recent classics from Tranzat, Scarred and Exanimis to their name in the…

16 May 2022 / Reviews

Pure Reason Revolution astonished the rock world with their triumphant 2020 comeback album, Eupnea, and earned glowing reviews for their revitalised sound, including a gushing appraisal from Scream Blast Repeat.…

15 May 2022 / Features