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8 March 2023 / Metal
7 March 2023 / Metal

Not to be confused with American indie-rock group, Grandaddy, the London quartet of Grandad play a filthy form of crust punk mixed with doom metal. The band’s music is not…

6 March 2023 / Album of the Week
5 March 2023 / Metal
4 March 2023 / Metal

Dutch-Slovak quintet, Distant, are the band Century Media have identified as the future of European deathcore. Scream Blast Repeat reviewed their last album in 2021 when they were on the…

3 March 2023 / Metal
2 March 2023 / Metal

Tithe started out as the project of Matt Eiseman (guitars/vocals) and Kevin Swartz (drums) in 2017 before recruiting Alexander Huddleston (bass) and signing to Tartarus Records for their 2020 debut…

1 March 2023 / Metal
28 February 2023 / Album of the Week
26 February 2023 / Metal

Lexington, Kentucky duo, Misanthropik Torment, do not hide their artistic motivation. Their mission statement is a unique one. In their words, their “sole purpose is to stand against tyranny and…