Negative Thought Process – Hell Is… Much Better Than This

You’re not ready for this. The 8 minutes and 42 seconds of this EP might just be the heaviest thing you hear all year. Do you want to watch a machine crush a person’s head while you wait in line for your turn on the conveyer belt? Of course, your answer should be yes.

Metalheads in the London and southeast corridor will be pleased to learn Skullfucked drummer, Jordan Allard, has joined Negative Thought Process for their latest release following 2016’s Methylene Butterfly. And, my God, is this a bruising affair.

Like their contemporaries, Chinned, Negative Thought Process straddle the line between Grindcore and Hardcore and identify with the Powerviolence genre. To the untrained ear, it sounds like noise. To the initiated, it’s exactly what is needed. For those who eschew genre tags and bemoan their restrictions, you need to know one thing – this is Extreme Metal.

The six tracks on offer might as well be one long sonic assault. Ultra-distorted guitars stew in a cauldron of fuzz and low gain; drums clatter like Genghis Khan’s horse stirrups; and the bass buzzes along with more bottom end than a lawnmower. 

Title track, ‘Hell Is… Much Better Than This’, evokes Napalm Death’s 2015 angry masterpiece Apex Predator-Easy Meat, while ‘I am Scum’ is as wretched as the accent on a Boston, Massachusetts hooker. But the standout track is closer, ‘Force Fed Life’, which starts with a groove like Sepultura’s ‘Amen’ before you realise the riff at the beginning is only the bass and the guitar has yet to kick in. Danny Page’s vocals are righteous and vitriolic and delivered with a fierce rasp. In the background Allard pounds away while the guitar achieves its objective of avoiding any form of melody or major chords throughout the entire record. It doesn’t get much nastier than this.

People will have their reservations about Negative Thought Process. The music is one dimensional and they lack the humour of their contemporaries in Chinned, who sprinkle their songs with titles like ‘Is Ket Vegan? (I’m Asking for A Friend)’. Some technical flourishes would also be welcome on top of the blast beats in songs like ‘Cognitive Dissonance’.

But the rage is of hypersonic proportions. Those who want music to bludgeon their senses are in for a treat. There’s nothing contrived here. Unburden yourself for eight minutes of your life and release those dormant psychopathic tendencies.



Release Date: 24/04/2020

Record Label: Hibernacula Records

Standout tracks: I am Scum, Force Fed Life

Suggested Further Listening: Napalm Death – Apex Predator, Easy Meat (2015), Chinned – Let’s Be Friends (2019), Weekend Nachos – Still (2013)