Chinned – Clipping Teeth

Hertfordshire’s Chinned are a ferocious live act. Singer, George Milner, warms up on stage with cross-body shoulder swings and screams in the face of the audience. The bass player soundchecks with Soundgarden riffs. They all have short hair and call their music UK Powerviolence. You have every reason to be scared.

Producer, Jordan Allard, is the man responsible for capturing this frenzy on tape following his success on the band’s 2019 debut album, Let’s Be Friends. That record was the Hardcore Punk equivalent of Pig Destroyer’s Prowler in the Yard with better humour and less finesse. At seven tracks and fifteen minutes it also delivered like a guillotine in the hands of a French revolutionary. 

Now Chinned are back with a four-track EP clocking in at less than seven minutes and are going full Napalm Death once again. 

On ‘Meth Actor’ we see a surprise change in guitar tone with a fuzzier Melvins sound replacing the Discharge distortion. At one minute forty-three seconds it also packs a punch like a large measure of Frankfurt Apfelwein

The opener suggests George Milner has dropped the gurgled high pitch yells from Let’s Be Friends, but they return on ‘Running Headfirst into the School Shooter’. Unfortunately, this will alienate some listeners due to its ridiculous pitch. Chinned have a song called ‘Strangle Wank’ on their first album and it might be an apt description for the vocal sounds on this track. We can only hope he uses a pair of harlot’s tights rather than a belt around his neck to unleash his painful spew. A riff reminiscent of early Code Orange saves the day with its manic palm-muted downstrokes.

‘Zed’s Dead Baby’ is vintage Black Flag with more repugnance, but title track, ‘Clipping Teeth’, is a far better composition. Allard does an excellent job on the guitar production with its crunchy tone coated in bass-heavy fuzz. It begs the question: what would Reek of Putrefaction-era Carcass sound like if they played Punk? Here’s your answer.

As an exercise in free-form hatred, Clipping Teeth is as suggestive as its title. A trip to the dentist with no anaesthetic is the order of the day. And when it comes to violent intensity, Grindcore fans will love this as much as DIY Hardcore afficionados. They even throw in an experimental time-signature near the end to keep you strapped in your chair.

A whole album of this would soon grow sterile, but if the band’s music tastes are anything to note we might get Grindcore with tinges of Modest Mouse and Deftones on their next release. Now that’s even more bizarre than the band’s vicious sense of humour.



Release Date: 07/04/2020

Record Label: Self Released

Standout tracks: Meth Actor, Clipping Teeth

Suggested Further Listening: Black Flag – Damaged (1981), Napalm Death – Scum (1987), Abe – Abe (2019)