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21 May 2020 / Metal

Sweden’s Naglfar are an intriguing proposition. With only their seventh album in twenty-five years, the Black Metal trio are back with another dose of darkness and are as perplexing as…

20 May 2020 / Metal

Blood Incantation and Spectral Voice members come together on Black Curse’s debut to summon a creature hellbent for mortal destruction in the hope it will stand as tall as its…

20 May 2020 / Metal
19 May 2020 / Metal
18 May 2020 / Metal
18 May 2020 / Dark

What do you get if you cross Mike Patton with Avant Garde Jazz composer, Anthony Pateras? The answer is a normal project for the Faith No More man and one…

14 May 2020 / Reviews
14 May 2020 / Metal

Hertfordshire is the centre of UK Metal right now.  The entire A1 corridor from London to Cambridge is richer in Metal bands than South Wales is in sheep. Stevenage and…

13 May 2020 / Metal