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20 July 2021 / Metal
19 July 2021 / Metal
16 July 2021 / Metal

With black metal legends, Darkthrone, releasing their new album, we turned to the man behind one of 2021’s best black metal records for an expert appraisal. Drummer, Dan B, of…

15 July 2021 / Metal
14 July 2021 / Metal
14 July 2021 / Metal
13 July 2021 / Metal

Progressive metalcore heavyweights, Born of Osiris, are famous for having Jason Richardson as their lead guitarist on 2011’s The Discovery LP and for graduating from the same high school in…

13 July 2021 / Metal

It’s not clear why Lower Saxony death metal quintet, Dawn of Disease, split up after releasing Procession of Ghosts via Napalm Records in 2019. You could say that Hiraes is…

12 July 2021 / Metal

This reviewer first came across the work of Tamás Kátai when researching an article for modern bands that might qualify as the avant-garde successors to Celtic Frost. Thy Catafalque’s Meta…

9 July 2021 / Metal