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27 April 2022 / Dark

Toronto multi-instrumentalist, Clara Engel (they/them), describes their music as ‘uneasy listening’. As a person who adores the intimacy of the talharpa (a Nordic lyre) and the shruti box (Indian harmonium),…

18 April 2022 / Dark
31 March 2022 / Dark

Nick Vasallo is a founding member of deathcore pioneers, Antagony, and vocalist and bassist of the technical death metal band, Oblivion. He’s also a music professor and award-winning composer in…

14 January 2022 / Dark
22 December 2021 / Dark

The duo behind All Are to Return are as anonymous as Carlos the Jackal. We know nothing about their identities or nationalities or previous musical output. Year zero is where…

24 November 2021 / Dark
30 September 2021 / Dark

Swedish avant-garde quintet, Blodet, are post-everything. With new singer, Hilda Heller, making her recording debut and three new compositions to boot, they’re ready with their Cult of Luna and Refused…

26 August 2021 / Dark
25 August 2021 / Dark