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29 July 2021 / Metal
29 July 2021 / Metal

We’ve seen some strong thrash and death metal albums from Germany in 2021, with the likes of Desaster and Vulture embracing the blackened speed genre and Dark Zodiak, Aschenvater and…

28 July 2021 / Metal
28 July 2021 / Reviews

Corfu quintet, Fragment Soul, are an unusual proposition. Draconian vocalist, Heike Langhans, is a part-time member of the band, and they pivot their sound towards the darker side of the…

27 July 2021 / Metal
27 July 2021 / Metal

Iceland produced a masterpiece of progressive metal last year with Cult of Lilith treating us to a debut album of genre-bending complexity and ambition. Now it’s the turn of Ophidian…

26 July 2021 / Reviews

Danish quartet, VOLA, are proof that rock music still has something to offer those of us who inhabit the heavier end of the noise spectrum. Like Tesseract, VOLA pitch melodious…

26 July 2021 / Features
23 July 2021 / Metal
22 July 2021 / Metal